The complete trailer for My Life Me

…Why is this happening?

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    "My god it’s like deviantart made their own movie" LOLOL Seriously I would rather watch a 22-hour long feature film of...
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    AINMUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NYAAA!!~
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    The tears won’t stop
  5. latorgator answered: My brain.. just rolled over and quit on me.
  6. omodere answered: I’ll go with you.
  7. lemonteaflower answered: this is why TV is dying.
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    It sickens me that I want to watch full episodes of this
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    ACTUALLY THIS DOESN’T BOTHER ME THAT MUCH??? wait before you kill me I CAN EXPLAIN——it’s just…the silly...
  10. lion-isaiahist answered: I’M SO SORRY MY COUNTRY MAKES SHIT LIKE THIS FFFFFF
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    ……….. I just…… lost some braincells …. ……wait…..what fabulous visual style…?
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    Oh my god……………. I dont know whether to puke or laugh or both
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    I ship her and the cat
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    This is a Glimpse into my everyday life.
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    Svetlana I knew it I knew it was you
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    The most confusing aspect, for me, is the name. My Life Me? What does that mean?
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    What the shit is this
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    meh i’d watch it~
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    As a Canadian I feel it my duty to apologize for all the shitty cartoons we seem to be able to make…
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    "i bet this was made in quebec…" sees the end credits ”..oh”
  23. anacrisi answered: WHAT THE FUCK.
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    it’s like all the 11 year olds OCs got together and went to school that’s not even real anime, it’s crap
  25. rappaccinisdaughter answered: Then I will die happy.
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    i lost it at “real manga artist”
  29. fowlie answered: they don’t, it’s Teletoon.